Lazy Weekend

Today’s post has nothing to do with books. Rather, I’m giving you a photo-recap of my weekend. Hey, it’s my blog. I can post whatever I want! Think of this as some of the lowbrow content.

While much of my weekend was spent in sweatpants, in front of our kitchen table playing games with Christian and our neighbor, we did manage to extricate our sluggish bodies from the apartment on a few occasions.

From what I can see, we did three productive things. 1.) We ate authentic Mexican food! While this may not seem like much of a feat for some, it requires a lot more effort in the Minnesota ‘burbs than it ever did back in California. Trust me. 2.) After the semi-tasty, mostly authentic Mexican food, we found a real Mexican Bakery & I got a concha! So. Happy. You can see me clutching it joyfully in the photo gallery. It was gone within about five minutes of that photo being taken. 3.) And, we went to the zoo. It’s a donation-only zoo in St. Paul that we’ve been to a bunch of times before. Some of the animals look happy (monkeys, always the monkeys), some of them look miserable (I always want to hug the polar bear. He looks like a hot mess). My favorite part of the zoo, this time, was the conservatory, as should be pretty obvious from the photo gallery.

Anyhow, that was my weekend – Netrunner in sweatpants, Mexican food, and the zoo. I also baked cookies (not attractive enough to make the photo gallery, but some are decorated to look like pumpkins, and I somehow keep finding myself with one in my hand and a pile of crumbs in my wake).

I hope your weekend was as fascinating as mine was. Tell me about it in the comments!

P.S. I PROMISE that the next post will actually be a book review. I have a stack of books that are glaring menacingly at me from the corner of my desk. Next week, perhaps?

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  1. I like your “lowbrow” content too!


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